Masters of Art Bio: Andre Wallin

Andre Wallin is one of the most innovative digital artists in the world. He has the ability to see something that many individuals simply cannot conceive. He then takes those images and applies them to his art work in order to create entire worlds that captivate the human imagination and makes each person who comes in contact with his unique form of art more curious about the next piece that he will complete.

Digital art has become more popular in recent years and is an More >

Masters of Art Bio: Nykolai Aleksander

Nykolai Aleksander was born in Germany, but England has been her home for the last few decades.

A self-taught artist, Nykolai was first inspired by literature and developed an interest in visual art through her visualization of book characters. She started out doing traditional paintings that soon captured the interest of galleries. Torn between the demand for her traditional painting and her digital creations, she finally opted to focus on the latter.

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Masters of Art Bio: Hao Ai Qiang

Art became an important element early in Hao Ai Qiang’s childhood. Through traditional art lessons, he developed his skills as an artist. By studying the masters whom he admired, he learned to compose still life paintings that told stories and had incredible depth of character. As a digital artist, he still finds inspiration in the art of the great artists, such as W. C. Heda, Vermeer, Van Gogh, and others. You can see their influence in his work.

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Hosting a Digital Portfolio

As with most things in the world, art has moved into the digital realm as well and while you might still find a few old pros clinging to the last bastion of printing and publishing, art has invariably crossed the point of no return into the digital realm and so have the ways in which you can present your work.

In many ways, the internet has become a kind of bazaar where people can sell their services and their ideas and advertise. Companies have social networking sites and people are becoming famous every day on YouTube. So, what’s stopping you? If you have your work and the means to transfer it into a digital realm, then you need to get out there.

However, there are a few things that need to be taken into account before you make that push. Most digital portfolios are hosted online and finding a domain is simple enough. What you really need to watch out for is whether or not your network can handle a portfolio site. Also, what else are you going to use your site for? Many artists catch their big break by facilitating commerce and correspondence with clients while displaying their portfolio on the site, but this can all take away from your network. You might have to invest in a robust t1 network; however, you can find these on sites like if usability becomes an issue.

A Compilation of Stunning Three Dimensional Digital Art

When you are looking at starting your own digital art company, the amount of competition can be astounding. However, if you know about how to pick the right camera for your digital art, it can be easier than what you imagined. This is when you should learn two tips for selecting the best camera to help you grow your company.

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An Inside Look: The Digital Artist Awards

The most exciting digital artists working today are waiting for a look inside the Digital Artist Awards. The Digital Artist Awards is a competition that is held and organized by the top arts, media and design magazines including 3D World, ImagineFX, Computer Arts and Computer Arts Projects. The top names and companies in the digital design fields come out to the competition and awards ceremonies for this event. There is no better place to get a look at the coming trends in high-tech design and meet the most influential people in the field from all over More >

The Emergence of Computer Generated Imagery in Movie Production

In the past when going to the movies, all films were done in two-d design, and didn’t allow for much creativity, or much animation to be “brought to life,” on the screen. Today with so much emerging technology, new designs for graphic artists, new equipment and techniques, which have been brought forth and presented, movies can be seen in 3-d features, and really pop the picture out of the screen, giving you a whole new experience when watching a movie. Movies today really make the viewer More >

A Compilation of Breathtaking Two Dimensional Digital Art

Art is an exciting and breathtaking field that has always encouraged humanity to push the limits of what they think and feel and what they believe to be true, challenging everyone to reach beyond what they know and experience life on another level. Many mediums from sculpture to paints and everything in between has been used as a vehicle which the artist may express themselves and offer the viewer another interpretation of their vision. Now, however, the art world has a new and powerful medium, that of digital art, in which people More >